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Jazz pop rock piano lessons in Vienna

Jazz Pop Rock Learn to play the piano in Vienna

Play songs. Accompany with chords. Learn to improvise.

​Would you like to learn jazz / pop / rock piano? With just a few notes you can make a lot sound. Learn the rules by which music works, how you can quickly play your favorite pieces and even create your own music. With a few basics, you'll quickly learn how to accompany songs with chords or how to accompany yourself while singing. You will also learn the basics of improvisation and more advanced jazz - our teachers who specialize in jazz / pop / rock will help you learn to play all of your favorite pieces in a short time.


"I ain't scared of Beethoven or nobody when it comes to composing."

Joe Zawinul (1932-2007)

Check out the video of "Funk Groove in F" by Jonathan Wilson. The piece follows a simple 12 bar blues form. The chords of the piece are learned quickly, the rhythm, one of the core elements in jazz / pop / rock, is particularly demanding.  

Arrange your first trial lesson and take your next steps in chord playing, rhythm and improvisation!

Your teachers

Hi there, my name is


"Hi, my name is Philipp and I am very happy to teach you how to play the piano and make music. My personal musical focus is on pop/rock and jazz music, but I also enjoy playing classical pieces or epic film music with you. I also particularly enjoy composing my own pieces and will be happy to help you develop your own songs and ideas."
"Hi, my name is Philipp and I would be very happy to teach you how to play the piano and make music. My personal musical focus is on pop/rock and jazz music, but I also enjoy playing classical pieces or epic film music with you. I also particularly enjoy composing my own pieces and will be happy to help you develop your own songs and ideas."

Hi there, my name is


I have been passionate about teaching piano for 16 years. I am happy to share the universe of piano playing with you! The world of the piano offers us infinite sound possibilities and beautiful music that should be discovered by everyone... With lots of fun, of course!

Hi there, my name is


My name is Leon and it is a great pleasure for me to teach you the different languages of music, whether classical, jazz, popular music or improvisation. I see it as my personal task to teach you the technical and music theory know-how so that you can express yourself freely on the piano. Good humor and the joy of playing are very important to me :-) I look forward to seeing you!

Hi there, my name is


It is a great pleasure for me to accompany interested people in the experience of music. I practice a very holistic pedagogical approach in which there are no stylistic limits and free improvisation has just as much place as work on technique, expression and much more.

Hi there, my name is


and I look forward to immersing myself in the world of piano playing with you! I have been playing the piano for over 30 years and have 15 years of teaching experience. In addition to classical music, I also teach jazz.

And this is what our students say about us ...

Laurenz Z.

"Ich nehme seit einem Jahr ca. 1 Mal pro Woche Klavierunterricht bei Paolo. Paolo ist ein sehr geduldiger Lehrer, der sehr gut unterrichten kann. Seine Stunden machen sehr viel spaß und sind abwechselnd. Paolo geht immer auf die Unterrichtswünsche seiner Schüler ein."

Jasmin M.

"Leon ist ein sehr geduldiger, angenehmer, humorvoller und erfahrener Klavierlehrer. Er hat ein sehr umfangreiches musikalisches Wissen und kann dies dem Schüler auf einfache und verständliche Art und Weise mitgeben. Ich habe mich von der ersten Stunde an wohl gefühlt. Er hat meinen Anliegen und Zielen Raum gegeben und mir mit Leichtigkeit passende Übungen gezeigt, die mir sehr geholfen haben. Einer der wichtigsten Aspekte ist, dass die Freude an der Musik und dem Spielen stark im Vordergrund steht!"

Hiroyo M.

"Schon lange wollte ich Jazzklavier lernen und habe endlich für mich einen richtigen Lehrer gefunden. Der vielfältige Unterricht von Jakob Stain motiviert mich und bringt mir jedes Mal viel Freude!"

Lara W.

"Der Unterricht bei Bernhard macht sehr viel Spaß und er gibt seine Freude an der Musik kompetent weiter. Die Unterrichtseinheiten werden jedesmal sehr abwechslungsreich gestaltet und Bernhards Art zu unterrichten ist total motivierend."

Your investment


semester card

€45.83  / 50 mins

€36.67 / 40 minutes

€27.50   / 30 mins

Weekly classes during
School days at a fixed time.
Regular progress guaranteed.


block of ten

€54.50 / 50 minutes

€43.50  / 40 mins

€32.50 / 30 minutes

10 hours at a reduced price.
Free appointment.
Valid for half a year.


single lesson

€62.50 / 50 minutes

50.00 €  / 40 min

€37.50 / 30 minutes

For occasional lessons
or specific concerns.


group lessons

€22.92 / 50 minutes

€18.33  / 40 mins

Group lessons in groups of 2. Only available as a semester ticket.


Do I need a piano



Yes, because without practice, no progress is possible. Practicing on a piano at home is essential and you can't do it without a piano.  here  you can find our tips for buying a piano

What if I can't



If you let us know in good time - no problem, we will find a solution. In general, we ask you to cancel hours that you cannot attend at least 48 hours in advance.

What about Corona?



Please inform yourself at about the actual Corona rules.

Can I also join during the semester



If there is a free space, please. The semester card will then be calculated on a pro-rata basis. Appointments for individual lessons or blocks of ten can be arranged at any time, even outside of the semester, holders of a semester card can also book vacation lessons at the semester price 

I can also study online



Yes online lessons are possible and are held via zoom. You will receive a link that you can use to log in to the online meeting.

What happens in the event of a lockdown



We hope not, but if there is a hard lockdown again, we will switch to online lessons. With ten block lessons and individual lessons, you can divide the lessons freely and, if you wish, postpone them after the lockdown.

I'm so old, I can still learn the piano


Only if you drink enough water ;-) Joking aside, it's never too late to start. Please don't expect to win the Scriabin competition, but playing your favorite pieces is definitely possible!

I can also pay in installments



You can pay the semester card in installments, ten blocks and individual lessons are to be paid at once. Do you ever have a problem with payment - write us a message and we will try to find a solution.

I cannot book a trial lesson with the teacher of my choice



This means that your chosen teacher currently has no free capacities. Just try another teacher - everyone is qualified here. Otherwise, write us an email and we'll see what we can do for you.


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